TENNIS BRACELET -  Full Front View - Fully Adjustable sizing.
TENNIS BRACELET - Left Hand view - Fully Adjustable Sizing.
TENNIS BRACELET - Right Hand view - Fully Adjustable Sizing.


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OCEANA has Deep Ocean colours in this scintillating hand made 8mm Swarovski crystal TENNIS BRACELET of mixed deep ocean blues, such as sapphire blue, Turquoise Blue and Aquamarine.

You'll be transported to the shores of Australia, swimming easily in the soft undulating ocean waves as they lift and support your body, letting go of the all the problems of the they drift away....and you rise up free.

Shown in 925 Silver Plating, but available also in 18K Rose gold Plating and 18K Gold Plating. just choose your favourite plating, at no extra charge. :-)