TENNIS BRACELET -  Full Front View - Fully Adjustable sizing.
TENNIS BRACELET - Left Hand view - Fully Adjustable Sizing.
TENNIS BRACELET - Right Hand view - Fully Adjustable Sizing.


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LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! This PASSION pink combination of lovely 8mm Swarovski crystals in Rose pink, Light Rose pink and Pink Opal to bring L.O.V.E. right into your life!

Just gazing at this lovely TENNIS BRACELET on you wrist will expand your heart immeasurably. Trust me, you need it, as we can never have enough Love in our life.

Every time you gaze at it you'll activate the power of Love deep in your own heart, sending it out to the Universe, attracting double the Love straight back to you.

And nothing trumps the power of LOVE!

Shown set in 925 Silver plating, but also available in 18K Rose Gold Plating or 18K Gold Plating. Isn't it lovely to have choice......especially at no extra charge! :-)