TENNIS BRACELET -  Full Front View - Fully Adjustable sizing.
TENNIS BRACELET - Left Hand view - Fully Adjustable Sizing.
TENNIS BRACELET - Right Hand view - Fully Adjustable Sizing.


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ELEGANCE would have to be the most elegant TENNIS BRACELET available. Classic and Elegant 8mm clear white sparkling 8mm Swarovski crystals set in 18K Gold Plating.

You'll feel effortlessly elegant wearing this stylish piece on your wrist, and you'll receive admiring glances from those who think they are diamonds set in gold!!

Classic and Neutral white diamond colours set the scene for you to play the wealthy Movie Star in your own life. Enjoy your role! 

Shown in 18K Gold plating, but with 18K Rose Gold plating and 925 Silver Plating also available. You can choose your plating at no extra charge. :-)