TENNIS BRACELET -  Full Front View - Fully Adjustable sizing.
TENNIS BRACELET - Left Hand view - Fully Adjustable Sizing.
TENNIS BRACELET - Right Hand view - Fully Adjustable Sizing.


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GOLD! GOLD! GOLD! Bring Blessings of Abundance into your life every time you gaze at your beautiful 18K Gold Plated GOLDEN LIFE Swarovski crystal TENNIS BRACELET, lovingly hand made with 8mm Swarovski crystals in Golden Shadow.

Keep the flow of prosperity coming in and out of your life, in a divine cosmic flow of abundance, by thanking the Loving energy of the Universe every time you give or receive money.

Use this rich, gold on gold TENNIS BRACELET to remind yourself daily to be deeply Appreciative of this life-giving flow of energy, by giving thanks every single time money moves in and out of your life.