TENNIS BRACELET -  Full Front View - Fully Adjustable sizing.
TENNIS BRACELET - Left Hand view - Fully Adjustable Sizing.
TENNIS BRACELET - Right Hand view - Fully Adjustable Sizing.


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Bring out your playful side with this delightful mix of GELATO coloured 8mm Swarovski crystals in this pretty TENNIS BRACELET. Soft lilacs, BABY Pinks, Baby blues and Lemon Swarovski crystals in a child-like play of colours.

Wear this and be forever reminded to bring out your Inner Child of innocent wonder and care-free thoughts. Recall when the biggest things you had to worry about were how big your ice-cream was. Enjoy this beautiful bracelet now and let your Inner child out again now, and let all unnecessary worries dissolve.......

Shown set in 18K Rose Gold Plating, but 18K Gold plating and 925 Silver Plating available too. Just ask, there's no extra charge to have it exactly how you want. :-)