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An amazingly unique hand made Swarovski Crystal CABOCHON BRACELET that everyone needs in their lives!! Incredibly popular and truly delightful to wear.

Hear the restful song of a variety of beautiful Birds, in your imagination, as you gaze lovingly at each of these pretty little Bird Glass cabochons. Your friends will fall in love with it too. So it's a perfect gift, or keep it all to yourself to enjoy.

Peacock, Canary, Wattle Bird....so many pretty birds in this delightful Vintage style 18K Rose Gold Plated bracelet, all set back with a variety of 12mm Swarovski colours such as Lilac, Turquoise, Rose pink and Pink/green. 

Because it has every colour in it, it can go with every garment in your wardrobe.

Such a beautiful investment in your happiness. :-)

Other Platings available at no extra charge.

Fully Adjustable sizing.