Beautiful Close up of the Bling Bangle Base, note the gorgeous 925 Silver Plated woven wires forming the bangle shape.
Bling Bangle Clasp is easy to open. Just slide your nail in and lever it open. When closing, simply line up the tiny mushroom head until it sits into the little cradle of the Ball Clasp and then snap it closed.
Remember when closing that the tiny mushroom head of the end of the bangle, MUST nestle into the little hole of the Ball Clasp BEFORE snapping it closed or you could break your Ball Clasp.


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The Perfect BLING BANGLE BASE to to use with your Bling Bang Pendant Charms. This gorgeous Bangle features lovely 925 Silver Plated wires all woven together to form a beautiful Bangle. Light weight and fun. Just interchange your variety of Swarovski Crystal Bling Pendant Charms each time you go out in a different coloured outfit.

Available in 925 Silver Plated only. 

Three sizes available. 17cm. 18cm and 20cm Diameter.

**Simply measure around your wrist and choose the nearest size.**

Remember not to make it super tight squeezing hard onto your wrist, just the nearest nice fit will be perfect, because it's worn like a bangle, not a tight watch.